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Fr. Joe’s Weekly Letter to Parishioners

August 2, 2020

Yes, it is August already. In years past around this time, at work, you could tell the people who had been on vacation, and those who had not yet gone. The folks who had been on vacation, for the most part, had a healthy tan, others did not.

This year that might be a bit different. Many people are not going on vacation, or if they do, it is very limited usually in the back yard, or day trips close to home.

Whether you have been on vacation, soon to go on vacation, or are forgoing vacation time for now, down time is an important thing for all of us.

For some people there has been too much down time because of the pandemic. For some people there is boredom and wondering what to do now, or next. Some people have kept busy by cleaning closets, baking, gardening or doing jobs around the house that have been put off for another day.

In life, now is the time we have to do what we can do. There have been many suggestions of what to read, what to watch on TV, what to do around the house.

It seems to me that one thing that is key is to remain close to those who are meaningful to us in life. Family and good friends are relationships that can be strengthened and even deepened during this time. Maybe more frequent phone calls, facetime and even cards, notes and letters would be appropriate.

While the summer heat and humidity might slow down our efforts to connect to one another. How essential to take time to be in touch with others.

My hope is that as we connect with family and friends, those relationships will become more significant and then our relationship with Jesus Christ with also become more vital. I have a further hope that because we connect to one another, there will be a greater realization of how we as members of the human family we must connect to one another with ever deeper awareness of the dignity of every human being.

Msgr. Joe