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Fr. Joe’s Weekly Letter to Parishioners

February 17, 2019

This weekend we celebrate Presidents’ Day. Schools will have a winter break, banks will be closed, but there will be big sales at the mall.

The holiday may be a time to take your family for a ski weekend or maybe a weekend getaway in a warmer climate. It is good to reflect on the persons we honor on this National holiday: George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

Both men have served our country well and both have been held in high regard for their integrity and courage. It is also true that both men have legends surrounding them that make their lives seem a bit unreal for all of us from not telling a lie to chopping wood.

We know of the bravery of George Washington in battle, his leadership in government and his wisdom in setting the direction of the United States at the beginning of its history. Abraham Lincoln possessed an expansive capacity for learning, brilliance in his speaking and writing and his strong desire to preserve our Union. He grew in his understanding of emancipation of slaves.

Each man was a profound leader for his time. Each man became an example for Americans to follow in their own personal lives.

This weekend as many have a break from their routines, may we reflect on the need for leadership in our country that seeks the common good of all, care for each individual as persons with God given dignity and a desire to promote peace throughout the world. There is much we all can do in ways to accept all people and seek to value the gift of life. May the leaders of our country presidents, governors and legislators be great examples for all of us to look up to, honor and emulate.

Msgr. Joe

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