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Fr. Joe’s Weekly Letter to Parishioners

February 23, 2020

Lent begins this Wednesday, February 26th. As we are marked with the sign of the cross with ashes from last year’s burnt palm, may we be reminded of our own mortality and the fragileness of earthly life; our own sinfulness and the need for forgiveness.

We are often asked and frequently ask others, “What are you giving up for Lent?” I would pose other questions this year: “what will you do for Lent?,” “what will you be for Lent?” and “how will you live Lent?”

Certainly, we can all do something for Lent. Giving some-thing up – chocolate, the movies, a TV program were the usual things in the past. Maybe now our giving up will be the internet, hours on Facebook, Twitter or some other social media. We could all benefit from giving up a lack of impatience, foul language, snap judgments and talking about people. The world would be a better place if we replaced these with words of support, kindness and understanding. Our “doing” would also be more meaningful by attending weekday Mass whenever possible, reading Scripture, adoration, praying the rosary or attending the Stations of the Cross.

More challenging might involve our being. Can our attitude be more guided by the Spirit with an openness to God in prayer, time of quiet or prayerful contemplation? May our being reflect something of what is taking place deep within our being during this season of Lent. Yes, a challenge to be sure.

How will you live Lent this year with family, friends co-workers? We often take people for granted especially those who are closest to us. This year can you be more attentive, listening more with your heart and truly hearing what an-other is saying rather than thinking of what you are going to say next.

This Lent give something up but also try to do something good. Be something new by your openness to God’s Spirit. And live in a way that is deeply attentive to those around you. May this Lent fill all of us with God’s Spirit and grace that we find true joy in the Risen Lord Jesus at Easter

Msgr. Joe