September 27, 2020

This weekend and over the next few weeks we will have the opportunity as a parish to celebrate Sacraments with our young children and young adults. On Saturday September 26 and October 10 we will have First Communions. On Sunday October 4, 18, 25 we will celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation.

It would not be unusual for us to have more than one First Communion ceremony. We would have a large number of children and to allow everyone to have as many as wanted to attend adequate space in the church, we would have two Masses. This year because of the restrictions with numbers in the church, we will have four First Communion Masses. Please pray for these young children and their families as they received the Risen Lord Jesus Christ in Holy Communion for the first time.

We have usually had only one Confirmation in the past. Here again because number restrictions we are only allowed 100 people in church. To stay within the number we will be having three Confirmation ceremonies. Please pray for these young adults celebrating this Sacrament of witness to Christ and gift of the Holy Spirit. Because of the cancelation from the Spring Archbishop Blair has given pastors permission to Confirm. I will be administering this Sacrament to our young adults this year.

These Sacraments are milestones within the life of a Catho- lic and moments of grace for a parish. The Risen Lord Jesus Christ acts in the Church through these Sacraments. Pray that the grace of the Lord truly be effective in the lives of each candidate.

It is our hope to be able to live stream these celebrations.

Msgr. Joe