Classes this year will begin in October and will be held online, although most of the learning for our younger grades will take place in your home and not in front of a screen. We will not have in person classes, due to safety concerns of COVID-19. The programs will look as follows:

Grades K-8:  We are very excited to be offering a Family Program for our students in Grades K-8. The program will allow the whole family to work together to grow in our Catholic faith. Each month we will introduce a new theme, and you will choose a family activity and individual project (based on your children’s ages) to complete each month from a provided list of suggestions. We will be in touch with you throughout the month to guide you and give you ideas on how to enhance your children’s learning experiences.

Grade 2:  Our students in Grade 2 will prepare for the Sacraments of Reconciliation and First Communion, although we are not sure exactly when those sacraments will happen just yet. Students will take part in an online program called Blessed through Dynamic Catholic.

Grades 9-10: For preparation for Confirmation, we will have virtual small groups through Zoom. Students will meet on Zoom to watch a video, and then will break into their small groups for discussion. This is a similar set up to how Confirmation classes are typically run, just in a digital format.  While we hope to have our Grade 10 students receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the spring of 2021, we will have to wait until it gets closer before we set anything in stone.

More details about all of these programs, including calendars, will be sent out in the upcoming weeks. To help with our planning, we ask that you please fill out the online registration form for your family as soon as you can. You can find the form here. The form is set up for 4 students, so if you have less than that, please just continue to hit next until you get to the end to submit.

This year has been a wild one, and we know that the upcoming year will be a bit different, but we are very excited about walking with you and your family on your faith journey and all of the exciting possibilities!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.